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This training course will enable delegates to develop appropriate and practical skills, which will quickly increase their confidence, assurance, authenticity and effectiveness when communicating with others. Delegates will learn and reinforce their knowledge and tools to improve clarity and acceptance of interaction to begin improving the communication atmosphere and culture within their organisation to the mutual benefit of all concerned.

Leadership Skills Home Leadership Skills. Introduction Course Outline. How to Excel at Leading People Great leaders are no more born than great doctors are born. Training Course Objectives: On completion you should be able to: Make the transition into the role of effective leader Effectively handle friends, older workers, new hires and other early problems. Have a deeper understanding of motivating people, and how to gain commitment.

Be able to choose the most effective and appropriate leadership style. Training Categories. Our Recent Posts. Successful execs foresee change, reskill to be on top. Making An Impression. Follow Us on. Repower: Schedule your day with blank time, time between meetings, time between commitments where you can simply recharge. Science has documented the powerful benefits of blank time to cognition, health, focus and resiliency.

Image Credit: Getty Images. Embrace your ability to be the change and make a change. Change is the answer. Human beings have survived due to their adaptability. Become relentlessly solution driven, turn default negative settings around. James Strock is a trailblazer and change-maker who has made a profound difference in public organizations, government and companies through his work as an entrepreneur and reformer.

James Strock is an independent entrepreneur and reformer in business, government, and politics. The following guest post by international leadership guru, author, and speaker, Professor Rao, speaks to our ability to rewire our brains for increased positivity and success. Scroll to the bottom for a link to Cool Tools, exercises you can do in 10 minutes or less a day to recharge, refocus, and rewire your brain for positivity and success!

Rao, Ph. Most problems in the world are the result of negative thinking and lack of empathy. Research shows that humans produce approximately 70, thoughts per day and most of them are negative. We often find television channels and media bombarding with loads of negative information to pollute the minds of the viewers. The media highlights negativity to invite the attention of the humans quickly and exploits their weaknesses to ensure their survival. Even the people with positive thinking develop negative thinking assuming that the world is negative. It is only exceptional individuals and intellectuals who understand these facts and combat negativity.

In this regard, we will explore tools to rewire your brain to be positive and achieve success. You have to choose to get rid of the toxic and get back in alignment with God. You can be overwhelmed by every small setback in life, or you can be energized by the possibilities they bring. The people with high EQ Emotional Quotient are more successful than the people with high IQ Intelligence Quotient because they successfully rewired their brains by getting along with others and exploring opportunities with an open mind.

Hence, developing high EQ helps greatly to rewire your brain. Here are some tools to rewire your brain to be positive. Strengthen your subconscious mind with a positive frame of mind. Give positive commands to your subconscious mind to evolve as a healthy individual. Practice for 21 days. Think positive instead of negative. Learn lessons from failures instead of brooding over them. Develop confidence and optimism.

Believe in yourself. Change the way you perceive the world. Surround with positive people to create positive vibrations. Reflect your thoughts regularly. Go for a walk or gym to energize your body and mind. Clear your mind from clutter through meditation. Be creative by following a different path or route. Avoid complaining, criticizing and condemning others. Instead, see positive in others. Praise people liberally. Make them feel important. John B. Effort shifts your attention from perception to action. Making a focused effort activates your brain to establish new synaptic connections.

In the beginning, it takes focus, effort, and more energy in your brain, but after you make the swing or say hello enough times, it becomes effortless. In time, practice will make it effortless. The final step in feeding your brain is staying in practice.

Great Leaders Have No Rules

Do the activity again and again. Being determined in this way need not be tiring and painful. If you practice the other three steps in feeding your brain, by the time you get to this one, it should come easily. Thus, determination simply means that you stay in practice. Overcome your psychological and physical limitations by rewiring your brain. Some people are hardwired with superstitions.

They find it difficult to overcome them. It is possible to overcome by rewiring their brains. Take up one bad practice in a day and rewire your brain with good practice. After achieving success, take up another bad practice to overcome by rewiring. In this way, you can get out of your bad practices to excel as a healthy individual. Remember, rejections make you stronger in life.

Just because people failed, they should not give up on their passions and endeavors. Eminent inventors and entrepreneurs are smart in rewiring their brains. That is why they succeeded in their lives and made a difference to the world. People often complain that they cannot break their bad habits which is a myth. Breaking bad habits helps you unlock your hidden potential and acquire knowledge, skills, and abilities effortlessly.

It is rightly remarked that below average people talk about individuals, average people talk about issues and above average people talk about ideas. Rewire your brain to explore ideas and insights to excel as a role model for others and stand out as a leader. Everything is possible in this world and everything can be changed in the world by rewiring your brain.

When you want to overcome your bad practices, you must rewire your brain. When you want to learn, unlearn and relearn, you must rewire your brain. When you want to grow as a leader, you must rewire your brain. You can control your reactions. You do have a choice. Arden Wiley; 1 edition, March 22, Author Bio. Professor M. My passion is leadership. If you want to benefit from the following cool tool free and often life-changing exercise that can be done in 10 minutes or less , you need to practice it every day.

Last week we learned about a ten-minute Cool Tool to prime yourself for a successful a day and build your 3Q Edge. Everyone is different. Some people need to tune into their H spot before their priming exercise, others prefer to do so after they have done their morning success priming. Go with your gut and find out what works for you. Have you ever had one of those bad days that started with stubbing your toe, or some kind of negative experience that occurred the moment you got up? We all have and we have also experienced days in which the negativity followed us throughout the day and everything that could go wrong seemed to do so.

What is the solution to this problem?

How can you set yourself up for success? Build emotional intelligence, grit and a feeling of empowerment that takes you forward faster, smarter and happier? After you have completed your priming exercise read post 1 you need to make sure that YOU are feeling positive, empowered and ready to attack the day with enthusiasm. Is it time to put on your invisible cape? Create a space for greatness? Actualize your personal and professional ability in disruptive and uncertain times? What can you do before or after you have primed yourself for success? Find your H Spot, your happy space.

Make yourself laugh, give yourself time to smile and feel confident. Here are three different ways to accomplish this goal. Three Cool Tools exercises that take less than 10 minutes that you can incorporate in your day. As a round person, I have found that jumping naked in front of the bathroom mirror first thing in the morning is fabulous. It is hard to keep a straight face or to hold energized feelings down when you are jumping up and down! Make happiness your focus. DO one simple thing that will make you feel happy. It does not matter how silly this thing is, what matters is that you find your happy spot before breakfast or coffee.

Try this cool tool out every day for the next week. You will be very surprised at the important and powerful effect it will have on your life and work. It began as a method that helped me successfully negotiate the type of life and career crises that changed my world as I knew it.

Whether you are facing a difficult challenge or you simply want to make yourself anti-fragile, bulletproof in a world of relentless change, I encourage you to follow the Wednesday Wisdom and try the cool tools I post on for size and fit! Are you ready to go from Now to HOW? Recharge, refocus, repurpose, repower your communication, leadership and life edge? We are here to help! Your ability to change your perspective, to develop cognitive and emotional dexterity is as real as it is critical.

Yes, you CAN recognize and engage your strengths while using challenges, changes, stressors, and frustrations to leverage your greatest potential. You can do this and I am going to tell you how you can build Q strengths, strengths that help you build your best life and career. Strengths that help YOU contribute to a better tomorrow. It is my mission to help as many people as possible not be part of the World Health forecast that anxiety and depression will be the major cause of physical disability in the world by !

Yes, you can achieve in a VUCA volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity world. If you up on the wrong side of the bed, you need to turn this around as quickly as you can. Upside, you have the power to change your mindset, you have the power to increase your ability to focus, and getting started is simple. Remember, new mindset-new result. You cannot build a fire with WET wood. You will not be able to have your best day, achieve maximum success or happiness with negativity or sadness holding you down. Try it out every morning and share the difference it has made in your life with us on the blog!

Carpe Diem. Take a 3-minute break from whatever you are doing and simply think about 3 things you are grateful for and wiggle your toes! This simple exercise will reset your mood. Recharge, refocus, repurpose, repower? Will your story help you engage and sustain your best self or keep you stuck in a rut?

Many of us have a problem looking at the challenges we face with new eyes, especially when the challenge me face is our own story. Read more. The stories we tell ourselves become our worlds. Perspective is everything, consciousness drives our ability to evolve or devolve, and the desire to make sense of our personal story is something a task that our brain is hard-wired to perform.

What is YOUR story? How will you look upon your journey with eyes that will help you see your strengths with greater clarity, and use challenges, failures as a lever for your greatest potential? The power of your story is the fire that can light the power of your greatest potential. Your ability to see your story with new eyes, eyes that build on three Q skills starts with your desire to look at your story and the story of others with eyes that search a meaning and purpose that aligns with the courage, integrity, purpose, humanity required to take us all forward as one people sharing one planet.

Your story, my story, our stories and the way we choose to see them can either enhance or reduce our ability to build better lives, better organizations and contribute to a better world. What is your story? How will you use it to empower your greatest potential?

The call to build new ways of thinking, new ways of listening that take us forward is upon us! Answering this call is a powerful step forward. There is only one story that matters. It is the story that is the seedbed your greatest potential, your most heartfelt collaboration, your greatest innovations and a new type of communication that builds a bridge across cultural and generational divides.

It is the story of all that is great, purposeful and worthwhile and it is within your reach if you dare to care, if you realize your ability to adapt, evolve and thrive in ways that drive your best self, best work and best life. And, I can tell you that when you find your story when you realize your ability to take control of who you are, of what you will share and contribute you will embrace a new day, a new path in life that will take you forward happier, smarter and faster than before.

A new path that is a path of gratitude, purpose, and commitment; a new path of enlightened leadership that will change and touch your life and the lives of others in ways you did not realize were possible. It is a story that will help you become a possibility thinker who is taking a new path, exploring a new passion by learning to use what is to create what can be in YOUR life and the lives of others…. Because the way forward will be very different from the past, and the imperative to make it better than what was speaks to us all. Friends and colleagues, special people in business, the arts, the professions who are trailblazers; people like in alphabetical order Kare Anderson , Mark S.

Click here to learn about 3Q benefits why I have dedicated my life to this work. While we might think that it would impress our bosses, poor time […]. Get inspired and motivated because science confirms that you can prime your brain for greater happiness and success. Her experience uniquely positions her as an expert on the topic of the relationship between happiness and success. If you want to be more successful you need to prime your brain to be positive. Happiness must come before success. Most of us were trained to think that success leads to happiness.

We now know, through neuroimaging and other longitudinal scientific studies, that achieving success in a rapidly changing and often chaotic world, workplace and marketplace demands a whole new skill set. Talk nice to yourself! Pay attention to the positive. Connect, get social. Talk to people you care about; talk to people you work with. Make social connections. Make love. Keep a gratitude journal. Writing about what you are thankful for both helps retrain your brain to be more optimistic and positively impacts your health!

Get physical. Physical activity is a significant happiness booster. Exercising for 30 minutes a day can take up to 7 years off your chronological age! And, it eases stress, improves sleep, strengthens immunity, and increases happiness. Help others. Altruism makes us happier and stronger. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, hospital, or shelter.

Go outside, spend time with Mother Nature. It will make you feel more alert, enthusiastic, energetic, and happy. Take two minutes or less to be mindful! Get silly, embrace the kid in you. Enjoy a good joke, watch a funny video, smile, enjoy a great comedy. Laughing is a great way to exercise your brain and give your body a mini aerobic workout!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Priming your brain to be positive will help you achieve greater success and well-being. It is time to win the most important war we face; a silent war that is eroding purpose, potential and sustainability every day. The World Health Organization says that anxiety and depression will be the leading cause of physical disability in the world by If you are not unhappy, and if your potential is not being limited, someone you know, work for, lead or love is stuck in a rut, a thinking rut, an emotional rut that can destroy their life.

Read about winning the silent war before us. Are you ready to use what is to create what can be in yourself, your team, your business or organization? Develop the 3Q Leadership strengths that move mountains and molehills? Bust toxic stress?

  1. The Strategy Approach: Focusing on the Future, Near and Far?
  2. Understanding Automotive Electronics: An Engineering Perspective;
  3. Catrionas Golden Angel [Prometheus in Chains 6] (Siren Publishing Classic)!
  4. What’s Your Story?!
  5. ASCII Encoding Basic Resource Guide.

Recharge, refocus and repurpose with a lunch and learn, workshop or keynote? One step towards a better, stronger and happier you. One step that will help you develop the cognitive and emotional dexterity you need to thrive in times of uncertainty and turbulence. Take this […]. How can you create a new future? A better tomorrow?

Survive and thrive in the face of uncertainty and chaos by developing 3Q strengths in as little as ten minutes a day. I have dedicated my life to helping others build their 3Q edge, with simple steps that are backed by science and hands-on experience. Steps that have changed my life and the lives of my clients.

This post is fifth in a series of 7. If you have not read the previous four posts scroll to the bottom for links to these articles. Read more, click here for 3Q Benefits and why I have dedicated my life to this work. You can make a difference, but doing so means realizing that you CAN rewrite default patterns of thinking, feeling or executing. It means putting on your leadership shoes by engaging your ability think smarter and differently IQ-Q1 , feel, communicate and collaborate better EQ-Q2 while developing your spiritual quotient-alignment with the highest values and purpose SQ-Q3 that drive and sustain success.

Take minutes each day to reset your GPS , change a habitual way of thinking, communicating or doing! Click here for more cool tools. What we face is nothing in comparison with our ability to empower, engage and transform; our ability to adapt, evolve and thrive by building our 3Q Edge. The lessons I have learned on my journey, my studies and dedication to my craft have touched my head and heart with positivity, courage, and possibility thinking because our ability to use what is to create what can be in our lives and the lives of others is real.

Get inspired. Contact us to find out about 3 to Thrive and other great new programs! Surviving and thriving in times of uncertainty and chaos is critical to our individual and organizational survival. If you have not followed the series, c l ick h ere for ste p 1, click here for step 2 , click here for step 3.

Self awareness is the first step in leadership development and critical to the emotional and cognitive adaptability, improved creativity, collaboration and a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment are critical to our individual and collective survival.

Dedicate 10 minutes a day to a better YOU! Stream of consciousness writing. Take 10 minutes to just write whatever comes to mind as soon as you get up in the morning. Do not censor your writing, just write. Not sure where to start? Start with how you are feeling and continue writing for 7 to 10 minutes. Keeping a gratitude journal will not only build self-awareness but greater happiness! Take a few minutes before you go to sleep to write what you are grateful for.

What things do you stand for? What are your strongest beliefs? How do you want to live your life? What do you want to accomplish? Repetition is the mother of success in terms of learning new skills or changing behaviours.

It would be impossible to end the year without thanking John Mattone for his great work, books and the opportunity to study under his direction! More about Intelligent Leadership and Executive Coaching next year! Take this moment to recognize your ability to survive and thrive, your ability to make a difference and be the difference in your life and the lives of others, because that is what 3Q leadership is ALL about!

Find out where you stand with our minute Career and Life Self Assessment. How will disruption and turbulence impact your work, your life, your emotional and physical health; your ability to thrive? The World Health Organization tells us that stress and depression will be the leading cause of disability in the world by Yes, if you are not suffering from anxiety or depression someone you know, lead, work for or love is.

It is time to recognize that default patterns of thinking will not take us forward, times of great change demand leadership that helps us adapt, evolve and thrive. I have run a successful business, been a trailblazer who lived a life many dream of, but I have also faced a litany of challenges career, business, life, and health that would have crushed many people. The most important lesson of all is that only YOU have the keys to the kingdom, only YOU can change your perspective in ways that sustain the faith, hope, courage, integrity, and humanity that can help you keep going, help you survive and thrive.

Read more Here are 3 free steps to help you start thriving in disruptive times. Pick ONE step and try it on for size for 7 days. DO it consistently for a week, and post your results on the blog or send them to me privately irene justcoachit. Life presents us with choices. Carpe diem, take this moment to recognize your ability to be the difference and make a difference! Give one of these three tools a try consistently for a week and let me know your results. Recharge, refocus, repurpose, repower. Build your leadership, communication, career and personal edge in disruptive times!

Find out about 3 to Thrive and other new programs. Reach out and we will reach back! Toggle panel: Revisions. Success is NOT achieved alone. If your team is not effective, your results will be poor. What team building activities have worked the best for YOUR team? What is the greatest team building challenge you face?

Sharing 25 team building tips for your toolkit! Have a clear mission. Start with the common anchor, the objectives and values you share. Internalize them, mention them, and ignite them because they are the fuel for your greatest individual and collective potential. Make sure that roles, responsibilities and accountability are clearly defined. Clarity is king and buy in from members is queen. Develop a team charter. Team members need a strong sense of belonging to the group that will build trust and commitment.

This sense of commitment is reinforced when the team spends the time to develop team norms or relationship guidelines together. Make sure roles, responsibilities and accountability are clear, but do not micro manage. If process helps execution, use it.

Assertive Communication Techniques

Process used as a substitute for poor leadership, lack of trust will ultimately impede or undermine that potential of the team. Develop your ability to use care-frontation. Conflict is a healthy sign. Use it to build connection. Remember conflict that his not expressed, festers, brews and ultimately destroys everything in its path. Use shared values and objectives to break down barriers and to also help team members build strong intrinsic motivation so that they focus forward when times are tough.

Ready to react? Stuck in stasis? Worried about driving in reverse? Ready to go into fight or flight? Go ahead change a default pattern of thinking, communicating or doing that is no longer working for you. Yes, brain science confirms that our brains are neuro-plastic we can rewrite default patterns.

Assertiveness - Assistant Edge

Give your team a safe place to share their thoughts by developing team rituals that further transparent communication. Organize the team for excellent communication and execution by creating team rituals, regular meetings face-face or virtually , team-building sessions as well as informal meetings that provide engagement, fuel focus and enthusiasm lunch and learns, regular launches, social gatherings-fun time.

Never punish or castigate a team member for having a different opinion. Open the door to different opinions they are the lifeblood of innovation and success. Model failing forward. Learn from successes and failures. Be honest with your team. Show them how to deal with challenges and turn them around.

Show team members how to move from conflict to connection. Championing learning, training and mentoring. Hold pre-meetings face to face or virtual review of meeting agenda so that you know if there are any questions or issues. Pre-meetings are necessary ingredients of successful project meetings. Prime team members for a positive meeting. Set the stage for fruitful results with a pre-meeting. Hang out with your team and also make sure there is fun time. Show them you are smart with heart. Make sure that you humanize your relationship because you cannot lead heads without touching hearts.

Let them know that you not only value their work and efforts, but enjoy them as people. Model appreciation for efforts put forward and recognition for individual and collective achievements. Disengagement and presenteeism are rampant. Nip them in the bud. Be thoughtfully decisive. Take a stand that reflects 1. The best course of action. Explain your decisions to your team or go fix them. Champion diversity. Diversity of gender, race, skills and background makes a team stronger.

The Human-Assets Approach: Managing One Person at a Time

Make sure to view each member as a unique and special component of the team with experiences, points of view, knowledge and experience to contribute. Model leadership by creating an environment where team members are comfortable taking risks, communicating, advocating positions and taking action.

Do not punish, castigate or scoff at someone for disagreeing. Model active listening. Be a great listener and help team members improve their listening skills. The most important part of communication is listening without judgment, without trying to guess what the other party is really trying to say or formulating your response while they are talking. Expect and encourage creativity, innovation, and different viewpoints need to be expected and encouraged. Champion reflection and continuous improvement. Work on team procedures for identifying, analyzing and resolving team problems and conflicts.

Again, use challenges as a positive lever to build better processes, communication and solutions. When you are having team building challenges focus on interpersonal relationships first! Remember that trust is the glue that holds a great team together. Shared values, objectives, honest communication, accountability and collaboration built trust and make it stick. Identify toxic team members and get them off the team. Make sure that you are not removing team members who have great potential and need coaching, training, mentoring but rather members who are NOT a fit for the team and who will not benefit from personal development initiatives.

Teach your team members to take breaks every 90 minutes for blank time in order to recharge. Even the tightest schedule can grow to fit in 5 minutes of blank time every 90 minutes. Stress is one of the most critical threats we face from an individual, business and organizational perspective. Help yourself and your team members find ways to recharge. Explore and select personal rituals you can do in a couple of minutes a day that help you recharge, refocus and repower! We live in times of extraordinary disruption, and equally extraordinary possibility. Our ability to see the extraordinary possibilities before us, our desire to become possibility thinkers, communicators, and leaders is critical on a multiplicity of levels.

And, as, is often the case, the genesis of my 3Q model and work started when I faced the worst of times; a time when my life and work hung in the balance by a very thin thread. A recent McKinsey and Company article estimates that change is happening ten times faster and at three hundred times the scale and impact of the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution altered life and work as we once knew it; our transition from the world of information to the age of innovation comes with a velocity of change, challenges, hyper-competition, and opportunities that our predecessors could never have imagined.

A VUCA volatility-uncertainty-change- ambiguity world demands a whole new focus and set of leadership skills that can take us forward faster, smarter, and stronger at a speed of change, challenges, and possibilities that will continue to accelerate. The Global Human Capital Trends report by Deloitte pinpoints four critical pivot points for success: leading, engaging, reinventing, and reimaging.

What worked yesterday may be impotent today or tomorrow; the need to shift forward is critical, and it depends upon your attitude, your ability to reimagine, engage, reinvent, and LEAD forward. It depends upon our ability to help men and women, people of diverse backgrounds develop the skills they need to transform what is into what can be. I have dedicated my life to helping people build their 3Q Edge because a whole new world demands a whole new focus that helps us live, learn, communicate and lead forward faster, smarter and happier than before. Are you ready for a new focus? Is it time to think differently?

Transform stress into success? Make change your greatest ally? In the meantime, check out three interesting, exciting innovations and a list of predictions by Bill Gates! Can a 38 minute routine turn a negative day around or infuse your day with positivity? Do 5 minute Cool Tools work? Try them on for size and find out! Continue to read for a great morning routine. Scroll to the bottom of the page for 5 minute Cool Tools.

I believe you will be positively surprised by your results! How can you get happier and more focused? Turn blah into blossom? Transform negativity into a new positive way of thinking? Michel Schwantes, shared terrific advice in his column for Inc. I am sharing an abridged version of the key steps mentioned in his recent article because they are simple, practical and purposeful. You can also find my cool tools at the bottom of the article. Fuel your brain with the good stuff. Trade your bowl of sugary cereal for something healthy—like oatmeal or a protein berry smoothie have all the parts cut up the night before and ready to be blended.

Have a quick 15 minute exercise session. Positive psychologist Shawn Achor says that a short burst of fun cardio activity think hula hoops, jumping on the trampoline, a laser Zumba dance session, or a brisk walk with the dog works wonders. All it takes is 15 minutes per day. Breathe for 5 minutes OK, now that your heart is pumping a bit.

Click here for one of my favorite Cool Tools exercises that take less than 5 minutes The Pause.

The Pause will help you breathe better and develop greater mindfulness. What will grow you personally or professionally, and improve you as a human being today? What will excite you and give you more energy today? What will set the stage for an epic-productive day? Take maximum 5 minutes to reflect on three things you are grateful for in life. Move to another quiet and sacred space, preferably outdoors a swing bench, a dock, or under a tree. Close your eyes, breathe through your stomach and center yourself. Meditate on the good things of life for 60 seconds—your family,job, good health, community, religion, etc.

Now open your eyes and for the next 2 minutes write on your notepad or journal 3 things that you are grateful for the previous day. Whether you are down in the dumps, stressed or discouraged taking simple, positive and purposeful steps can make a world of difference! We all hit ruts in the road, challenges, detours that sadden us and make it difficult to engage the positive energy and focus required to have a successful day. Recharge in 5 Minutes or Less. Whether you are presenting for 2 people or 2 hundred, the ability to sell your ideas is one of the most important business and professional skills you can acquire, and it is a skill you can learn and improve.

The non-profit organization is best-known for its TED Talks, short, powerful talks of 18 minutes or less, delivered by experts drawn from the worlds of technology, academia, entertainment and beyond. How can you improve your presentations skills and results by making your presentation more emotional, novel and memorable? What are the key secrets of great presenters? Gratitude to Carmine Gallo for his excellent book and to The Business Source for their excellent video summary. More on Successful Communication?

You Betcha! How can you boost your results while reducing your hours? In the book, Extreme Productivity, Robert C. Pozen shows us how to be truly productive, even when faced with a myriad of competing demands and multiple time-sensitive projects. During the 5 year period in which this book was written, Pozen held down two full-time jobs as a business leader and a Harvard teacher while also keeping a good relationship with his wife and family.

The book is based on his long-term, real-world experience and gives the reader excellent counsel on productivity, personal development, and relations. What are the secrets to extreme productivity? Enjoy this 2-minute video book summary of Robert C. You betcha. Yes, stress is a 21st-century part of life that is eroding individuals and organizations from inside out. Stress not only impairs cognition, productivity and also damages our physical and emotional health.

Less stress-greater productivity and success! The imperative to revisit our thoughts about what makes a good leader and how to develop effective leadership training is critical. In his intriguing and controversial book, Leadership BS-Changing Workplaces and Careers One Truth at a Time, Jeffrey Pfeffer highlights five disconnects between contemporary leadership teaching and real world practice.

They are the values, the strengths, the greatest riches that no one can take from you. Self-actualization, happiness and success start by knowing what you really want and adopting a fresh perspective that will help you learn, live and lead forward. What do you really want?

What is really bothering you today? How can you engage your purpose, your passion, your ability to tap into your strengths and transform challenges into possibilities? Stop thinking about what is wrong, and start focusing on what is right. Read more Will you choose greatness? Will you choose to be a victim or a victor? Do you want to let life happen to you or use what live gives you to tap into your greatest power and the heartfelt values that ignite and sustain your greatest power and happiness?

The greatest power we have lies not in what we have, but in who we are-who we choose to be.

Guide Les Héritiers du désert (French Edition)

Read more Start now. Start this moment by applying self-love. We are all capable of greatness. What this means to each individual is different, because our impact, our contribution to the world is different. Each positive contribution, no matter how big of small, is a critical component in an evolution of self and society that will take us forward to face a brave new world with hope, faith, courage, humanity and integrity. Every day is an opportunity to begin again.

Every day will present you with challenges and opportunities to transform the challenges you face into levers for your greatest potential. Will you seize the day? Will you recognize your power to make a difference in any way you choose? Think carefully, because the greatest fulfillment, the only true happiness we feel is when we are contributing, when we are sharing, when we have touched the life of another.

Where do you start? Start here! Start with self-love and appreciation that is NOT founded on the need to be validated by others. Make a decision, a choice to appreciate your unique gifts, your unique potential, your unique fingerprint because YOU can make a difference in whatever way you choose, but making a difference means being grounded in love not fear or anger. Apply self-love. Start this day with a fresh new perspective that will take you forward! Refocus, repurpose, repower! Get inspired by the person you really are because that person is the person YOU can choose to be.

Feel your power to choose love over fear, humanity over anger, hope over despair, faith over uncertainty. Just Coach It. How can you re-ignite happiness? Appreciating the value of true happiness and learning to cultivate happiness in good times and bad is critical and doable. I can write these words because I have lived them and I have also worked with clients to help them achieve greater happiness and success for more than a decade. Yes, I have been to the back of the dark forest to the edge of challenges, changes, defeat, despair, illness, tragedies to recognize that our ability to truly build happiness is not reflective of what we have, but who we are.

Our ability to reset the GPS, adopt new ways of thinking, communicating or doing is real and critical to our happiness and an evolution of self that will help us live our best lives and do our best work. If you want happiness for a lifetime — help someone else. Step out of sadness by helping another person.

Spend five minutes a day thinking about how you love yourself. If you are going through a difficult experience or challenge the need to love yourself, appreciate yourself is critical. Look for the good, no matter how hard it is to do so. Learn to change your thinking by taking very small, consistent steps to think in ways that will help build happiness and success. The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity and an understanding of life that fills them with compassions, gentleness, and a deep loving concern.

Beautiful people do not just happen. I hope that this simple post will speak to your heart and soul, because nothing can be more important than preserving and cherishing them both. Your heart and soul empower your greatness, and ability to rise to the challenges before you and use them to do good, be good and lead in a way that makes a positive difference, an important difference in your life and the lives of others. More on Happiness in Disruptive or Turbulent Times?

Not Enough? Visit the drop down menu for more inspiring articles Click here for 3, inspiring quotations. Do you want to get motivated and inspired? Transform a people-centric leadership, business development, communication or career challenge into an advantage? Transform an area of personal challenge into an asset? Build sticky coaching, training and mentoring initiatives? Take action now. Find out how we can help. How can you live happier in the midst of a storm?

What do I know about storms, happiness and success? More than most. I can honestly say that my expertise in all three areas may be unchallenged. This year I faced a tragedy of enormous proportion, today I face myself and I reach out to you with one message. Choose life, choose happiness, find a way to ignite and inspire your best self because doing so is the only way forward.

Find a way to give and contribute, because doing so will ignite your heart, soul and help you engage your strength. Be kind to yourself and pay kindness forward to others. Yes, we are living in a storm that is going to get worse before it gets better. Learning to extract happiness every day is a learned habit that starts with making a conscious decision to fight the negativity that surrounds us as we open our newspaper, turn on our radio or TV and interact throughout the day.

When negativity overtakes our consciousness we feel helpless and powerless. Unable to see all that we have to be grateful for negativity blinds us to options, opportunities. Psychological research indicates that a pessimistic cognitive bias makes you vulnerable to feelings of helplessness and depression. Negativity also appears to compromise the immune system — optimists have been shown to have better-functioning immune systems and better health overall. Optimists generally live years longer than do pessimists. It is clearly time to get happy, to get joyful.

Do you want to reduce the risk of depression, physical illness, and early death? Start by reclaiming your personal power t o be joyful. Can we train ourselves to be happy? You bet. How can we start? Start by preparing your consciousness to accept joy and to reject negativity. Decide that you are going to spend one whole day, 24 hours refusing to be negative. Stretch out of the comfort zone and decide to make today a positive day, no matter what! Read more Go ahead, just spend 24 hrs. Reclaim your personal power to be joyful by taking making this day a purely positive one.

Reject all negativity for 24 hrs and decide to be happy. More on Getting and Staying Inspired? YOU Betcha. Are you spending untold hours in unproductive meetings? Authors of Moments of Impact, Chris Ertel and Lisa Kay Solomon share a way to design conversations to energize your team and generate breakthrough insights so you can achieve real Moments of Impact. Such meetings, say Ertel and Solomon, must be built around five core principles.

What are the five core principles that can help YOU design strategic conversations that energize your team and create breakthrough insights?

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The best way to find out is by watching this excellent video by The Business Source. More on effective communication? You betcha! The writing is on the walls of our organizations and workplace; the training received misses the mark a great deal of the time. Jeffery Pfeffer shares his thoughts about the leadership industry, which he says is sucking billions of dollars out of corporate coffers by telling us things about leadership that are misleading, far removed from the real world and, sometimes, patently untrue.

Pfeffer convincingly argues that we consistently give the wrong people power — and even when we get it right, authenticity is a recipe for disaster. The best way to find out is to click for an excellent 2 minute video summary by The Business Source. More on Effective Leadership? Visit the drop down menu on this blog for a large collection of leadership articles. It is always my goal to be seen first as a servant leader.

Servant leaders think of others first. They encourage, they motivate and they are humble. I think they lead with others in mind. A boss manages through positional power, whereas a leader radiates personal power. Leaders can emerge from anywhere in an organization. They galvanize others with their ideas, energy and passion. People are swept into their vision and want to achieve results. A boss is a box on an organizational chart. With a position of power, the boss has an extraordinary opportunity to influence.

That opportunity does not always equate to becoming a leader. A team needs to align around a decision. You can and should disagree openly in a team meeting. Argue and debate within the team. Once the decision is made, then you need to align as a team publicly, or you will undermine the ability of the team to deliver. I think leaders often struggle with cohesion because they do not encourage debate and listen to the arguments on both sides. If people feel like they will be treated fairly, they may be more likely to support the final decision.

I hire motivated people. As a leader, my job is to provide an environment of encouragement mixed with challenge. We all have preferred styles based on our personality and experience. However, successful leaders learn to adapt the style to the required situation. At times, a good leader needs to listen and influence in a subtle way. Other times, that same leader may be required to be on stage, up front and vocal.