Cell Mates 5: The Coach

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The museum has recreated the room to better match that description but retains other items from the previous exhibit, including the period radio that plays waltz music. Another addition is a roll of toilet paper by the commode, underscoring the new understanding that Capone didn't have privacy, Kelley said. Capone dominated organised crime as a bootlegger in Chicago during the period when liquor was banned.

His legend grew in with the St. Valentine's Day Massacre — when seven men linked to a rival gang were lined up facing a garage and shot dead. No one was ever charged in the deaths, though experts point to Capone.

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In August , Capone and his entourage were driving back to Chicago from Atlantic City when he was apprehended on concealed deadly weapon charges in Philadelphia. Some accused him of tipping off authorities himself to arrange his arrest as a way to hide out from escalating gang violence. Less than two years later, a federal court convicted Capone on multiple charges of tax evasion, effectively ending his criminal career, and he served nearly 11 years at Alcatraz.

Capone so terrorised the public that federal authorities couldn't get witnesses or associates to rat on him for any violent crimes, forcing them to pursue a lesser charge of tax evasion.

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Thanks to the fame of its former inhabitant, Eastern State Penitentiary is now a museum and art gallery. Among the other exhibits is the Airplanes by artist Bejamin Wills, in which he displayed the correspondence of prisoners folded into paper planes. For more information on the Eastern State Penitentiary visit: easternstae.

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Winter Escapes: 10 Asia and Pacific Island breaks. It can be a short celly, or a group celly in which the whole team joins in. In most bender leagues, a goal scored may not count unless you celly. Bigger games mean bigger cellys. Coach just about shit his pants when Jimmy cellyed last night after he scored! How a prison inmate refers to the co-habitat of his prison cell or cell-mate. My celly and I have been sharing a prison cell for three years.

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Also by any guy named Bruce. Amber: "OMG! My parents totally jacked my celly! I totally can't believe it!

You're parents are like, so not down. We gotta go clubbin' wit your new celly.

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December 08, A word used by homos to define a cellphone. John: Wanna go have bum sex? Jake : Sure, just let me grab my celly and call my boys.