Crime in the Cards (Hardy Boys)

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Determined to learn the secret of the old mill, Frank and Joe employ a clever ruse to gain entrance, only to find themselves trapped. How the young detectives extricate themselves from this dangerous situation and unravel mysteries will keep readers tense with suspense! Are the events related?

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How the Hardy boys use all their courage and skill to outwit the criminals provides an exciting climax to one of the most baffling mysteries the young detectives have ever encountered. Tap or click on a cover to see it larger! Share this: Tweet. Not really. He was merely a house name for a long, long string of rotating authors working for the syndicate, a kind of literary sweatshop, working from supplied plot outlines, and following some strict guidelines: — low death rates, as many action verbs as possible and a ban on kissing.

Supposedly, Edward Stratemeyer discreetly scheduled his appointments so writers would not bump into or recognize one other. In fact, although the syndicate took credit for the house name of Dixon, the actual writer of the first sixteen novels for a flat rate of a eighty-five — and later a hundred — bucks apiece was Canadian novelist Leslie McFarlane, who named Dixon after two of his brothers, Frank and Wilmot, who was also known as Dick hence, both the W.

Revisions ranged from slight tinkering to, in some cases, completely new stories. Perhaps it was all well-intentioned, but it was basically literary castration. But the slam-bang action and danger-packed, thrill-a-minute atmosphere of the original stories was also too often replaced by annoyingly cautious, overly polite, non-offensive prose. Hey, these were supposed to be pulp! The subsequent, toned-down versions were certainly read — all the boys in my Grade Six class at St.

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The Hardy Boys Mystery Game – Board Game Alley | Toy Tales – Todd Coopee | Toy Tales

Calendar Have You Heard the News? Created by Franklin W.

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  6. This series is funny, action-packed, and dripping with brainy girl power. Harriet is an astute and spunky little girl who goes around scribbling thoughts and observations in a notebook. When she misplaces that notebook, it ends up in the wrong hands. Soon the contents some hurtful, though true make their way to her friends…awkward!

    Publication Order of Hardy Boys Books

    She just really, really loves the truth. The Name of this Book is Secret is the first of five books in The Secret Series and is most certainly not about a couple of eleven-year-olds chasing a missing magician. Nope, no adventurous pursuit of villains here, folks. Nothing to see at all. Beatrix Lee is going through some stuff. Her best friend has ghosted her right at the start of seventh grade and a new baby is about to end her reign as an only child.

    Feeling isolated, Bea finds comfort in the haiku she crafts in invisible ink, poems she hides in a secret hiding spot. She sets out to try and figure out who her secret pen pal might be and finds her way back to herself in the process.

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    The secret poem pen pal and a mysterious labyrinth give it a mystery vibe though. The Explorer series is comprised of three volumes to date, all edited by Kazu Kibuishi. Each volume is a collection of seven graphic stories from seven different comics creators around a central theme.

    Explorer: The Mystery Boxes is a creative, clever collection of stories about boxes of mysterious origin, but the stories could not be more different both in written content and artistic style. In one story, a young girl hears a tapping noise under her bed and discovers a box with a cryptic note; inside she finds a wax doll who seems sweet at first but…Another story follows a Japanese girl whose grandmother is convinced that spirits are stealing butter from the kitchen.

    Thing is, Obaasan miiiight not be wrong. So fun! Set in Hyde Park, this art mystery opens with a mysterious letter sent to three unknown recipients from an anonymous sender.


    A mysterious book brings them together and they soon find themselves wrapped up in an international art scandal. The four are introduced to Mr. To do this, they must go undercover to penetrate a shady org called the Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened.

    Things go from bad to worse when she witnesses a burglary at the hotel across the street, and now the thief is after her. Follow her adventures in the 17 other books in this series. It is just so good! She bamboozles her little brother into going along for the ride and pulls off her master plan. The two end up stumbling upon a headline-making mystery in the process.

    The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft (Part 22): The End

    And except for the mysterious business with the glue. I would have been all over these books as a kid, both because how can you not love the name Smashie McPerter and because the plot is just so Ramona-esquely relatable.

    When Did It Happen?

    Listen up, parental figures: these books are the best of both worlds. Each one is a really fun, keep-you-guessing detective story AND a math lesson! Four sixth graders have banded together to form a detective agency. In The Case of the Claymore Diamond , the foursome hear about the burglary of a local jewelry store.

    Danger in the Extreme (Hardy Boys Series #152)

    You should read these books because there are three talking cats in the series. Yes please! In The Shadows , eleven-year-old Olive and her parents move into a crumbling mansion filled with all sorts of weird and interesting paintings. Olive finds a dusty pair of glasses in some abandoned drawer and makes a startling discovery. It seems she can travel inside the paintings to a creepily silent place called Elsewhere! And did I mention that there are talking cats??

    There are five sub-series that make up one big series and each sub-series contains multiple volumes. The first book, The Maze of Bones , introduces us to Amy and Dan Cahill, a brother and sister duo who learn that their family is the most influential in all of history. Bonus: readers can get their hands on collectors cards that correspond to each book. Yes, I am sneaking in one final Sherlock book but hear me out! A fun, feminist branch-off with six books in the series. Good, right? Jin decides she has to know more about this mysterious girl and pairs up with her for a class project.

    The three form an unlikely friendship as they join forces to find his attacker.