Death Is Overrated, a mystery novel

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I think they come straight out of Irish modernism. If you look at Sally Rooney, Anna Burns, Kevin Barry and Mike McCormack, there is an extraordinary struggle with form and language and it is a sort of miracle that this has come around again.

You could attribute this to various things, but I suspect the explanation is more personal than political or national. I think Trump is beyond that.

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No, I would suggest to him to leave books alone now. I also really, really love Fanny Price from Mansfield Park. She enters that household utterly displaced.

Then we see how she creates a space of her own. For anyone who has left their own country and gone to live in a new one, for anyone who has moved to a new school and had to walk into a classroom knowing no one, Fanny Price is a patron saint. The other author I loved at around 11 was Jean Plaidy , who wrote marvellous novels about the Tudors.

The only thing I suppose is that I probably have more poetry than I do prose.

I find it does. I just get bored with the prose. The only time not having a TV is a pity is during Wimbledon, because I really wanted to watch the tennis.

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There are a few Irish writers I go back to. Eugene McCabe — his Death and Nightingales is an astonishing book, dark and ingenious. They were the generation that made a lot of space for the rest of us. They opened up what you could do in Ireland as a novelist. Chemo ended in late October. Eight months on, I am in good shape, more or less back to how I felt before the cancer.

Lisa O'Kelly. When did you get the idea to write a book about the fathers of Joyce, Yeats and Wilde? Fathers and mothers are often at the heart of your work More from The Irish Times Books. TV, Radio, Web. Sponsored Free workshops at your Local Enterprise Office will prepare your business for customs. Now without spoiling things:. But not as much as the better ones…. As I recall I did like Spectacles more, and of course The Judas Window, and a couple of the better Merrivales, but the lecture really was a treat.

Like Like. I think I am probably of a similar mind to you with this book. Also very excited to see what you make of the next Horowitz book….

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I did wonder if this might be the one chum. A great choice. Well done on your amazing staying power Steve and heartiest congratulations.

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  • I found it slightly dry in parts, and somewhat fanciful in the intricacies of its solution. But I enjoyed it nonetheless — just not as much as I enjoyed one or two of the other titles. Thanks for the countdown — I enjoyed reading how you worked your way through to the th post. A pity that not more of the titles were Highly Recommended. Congrats for reviews!

    10 Overrated Novels That Get Way Too Much Love – Goliath

    I agree that there is a needless cheat involving the murders but otherwise the book is perfect. The second murder is probably my all-time favourite impossibility along with the second death in Whistle Up the Devil! Like Liked by 1 person. Something of a cracked diamond, but still a diamond. Hi Puzzle Doctor, well done. Your reviews have been very helpful. I will try and read more golden age novels as well.

    Talent Is Overrated

    Congratulations on reaching one thousand, PD! Case in point: the Horowitz! I have nothing new to add to the way people feel about THM: second murder is cool, plot is complex as heck! My favorite part was the meta-bit in the lecture where Dr. Congratulations on reaching this mighty milestone. As others have noted, you picked a fine book to mark the occasion.

    Is this book overrated? Is it still worth reading? Again, yes. I like that this is one of the few books that shows how different people can hear the same thing and disagree on what is being said. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.