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But to then threaten to kill the dad's children if they don't give him a million dollars - when he's dated the daughter and knows she's broke?! Especially when she knows who is behind it?! I know she's presented as having barely gone to community college, but anyone who has ever watched more than, say, four hours of television because it's guaranteed at least two of those hours will be Law and Order re-runs knows that extortion and putting someone in the hospital and murder are all kinds of felonies.

Is this supposed to make us like the heroine: "Oh, look, she's still a nice girl. Really, what is so "edgy" about being an escort - especially if sex is only on your terms? I mean, being a contestant on The Bachelor feels far more skeevy to me - and there's no million dollars waiting at the end. So there's no real conflict, the external goal - get the million dollars to pay off the moron loan shark - is ri-donk-ulous, and I've read this set up what feels like a gazillion times before. I'm so tired of badly written novels that all sound alike featuring the same cookie cutter "Oh, I'm so spunky and sassy but down on my luck yet so absolutely gorgeous that men see my picture and PAY to have little ol' me decorate their arm" heroine.

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Didn't I read this in Break , and The Arrangement? Or is my superpower the ability to pick up books with this trope - and can I exchange that superpower for one less stinky and more useful, like maybe the ability to instantly clean the cat's litter box? Speaking of The Arrangement , the author seems to have gone to the H.

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There's an editor credited at the back of the novella. I'd want my money back. And then there's the hero. Who can't seem to stop covering his mouth with his hand when he's trying not to laugh, like a tittering school girl. Sorry, not sexy. See, Wes is a screenwriter, which in this fantasy version of Hollywood makes him uber-powerful oh, that's just so sweet.

But so not real life.

And Wes, for some inexplicable reason, needs his MOM to hire him an escort so he can avoid all those nasty golddigger whores that infect Los Angeles. And his MOM brags about hiring Mia! Really, really not sexy. Serious sidenote: can we talk about the inherent misogyny in this novella?

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Nearly every female in this book not related to Wes or Mia - aside from the housekeeper, who Mia calls "Mary Poppins" but is described to look like Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast - is a shallow, catty, plastic bitch with no other purpose in life but to snare some clueless rich sugar daddy.

And while I'm sure there are evil shallow catty plastic bitches out there who have no other purpose in life but to snare clueless rich sugar daddies, they do not exist to the extent they do in this book. Not even in L. And can we lay off this sexist stereotype of Los Angeles?! It's a metropolis of over 18 million people, one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse cities in the world. It has two world class research universities that rank in the top 25 of US schools, is home to thriving tech, finance and hospitality industries, is the largest manufacturing center in the US and has one of the country's busiest ports.

Do some research and stop being so insultingly LAZY, authors. Wes takes Mia to an important Hollywood networking party where she is surrounded by these women. Mia proudly announces she stopped twenty-four gold diggers from hitting on her employer, because those are the only other females at the party. That women might go to parties to network. That women might be screenwriters and producers and directors looking to make connections, and not just between their legs.

Maybe it's a silly thing to complain about, but these books are supposedly flying into readers' hands right now and I'm just Sad and disheartened. The book is laughable in its details. Things Google could have easily told the author are wrong. Wes supposedly writes blockbuster franchise films, so the director is going to let him direct the love scenes. If I were the studio financing the film, I'd pull the plug upon hearing these plans. Wes's deal is to be paid a percentage of the budget: Yeah, but NO.

Wes's salary IS part of the budget. Mia is excited because she might earn an extra hundred thousand dollars to pay her sister's college tuition for the year. Her sister goes to school in Las Vegas.

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OK, OK, these are really stupid nitpicks and compared to the really egregious French in the second book, which I put down, not nearly as horrible. Something tells me an actual Frenchman would know the difference between tu and vous , and ma and mon. There's the requisite insta-lust, of course, and Wes makes promises about what he's going to do to her from practically the first minute they meet, which for an escort who isn't required to have sex is rather Mia holds off until she starts to compare herself to golddiggers and feels rather sad and gross about using her looks for money - so of course she alleviates her bad feelings by hopping into bed with the guy paying her.

But, y'know, if you're just skimming for sexytimes, I've read worse. And not for anyone who has a healthy respect for literacy. And especially not for self-respecting females. View all 9 comments. Christian Grey rated it it was ok. This was somewhere between a 2 and 3 stars for me. The writing was basic at best. The plot predictable and lacked anything new. It's pretty woman all over again except there isn't one guy. The intrigue is view spoiler [ how will she pay off her debt and who will she end up with. For what it is, it's way over priced.

Maybe at 99 cents or free I would read on. View 2 comments. May 20, Gitte - Bookworm's Closet rated it did not like it Shelves: , female-author , american , chick-lit , written-ins. Mia Saunders is struggling to make a pile of money one million dollars to be exact in order to pay her father's debts. If she can't, the entire family will be murdered. So Mia becomes an escort girl. In January, she helps a rich surfer dude to keep the gold diggers at bay, so he can concentrate on his work. And she has to live with him. Why exactly is still beyond me.

I have read many bad books, but this one took the prize as one of the stupidest I have ever read. The plot is thin and unreal Mia Saunders is struggling to make a pile of money one million dollars to be exact in order to pay her father's debts. The plot is thin and unrealistic, but that would be OK if the story was touching and well written. Which was not the case.

Where to start Let's start with Mia. An awful smug protagonist. She repeatedly indirectly praises herself to a point where it's almost comical. For example, she goes on and on about how brilliant her best friend is, and then adds that they're very much alike. And later Mia describes how beautiful her aunt is, only to add that they are the spitting image of each other.

Mia is also very good at giving advice to the people she encounters. When she meets a woman who is sad because she misses her old job, where she worked with children, Mia suggests that she could begin working with children again - or have children herself! Amazing advice - she should become life coach! But she should probably also stop by a therapist - her father is in a coma and a gangster threatens to kill Mia and her sister, but she doesn't seem upset.

On the contrary, she is quite excited about her new wardrobe and the hunky surfer dude. The book is filled with errors. Typos and outright mistakes. For example, when surfer dude sends her a text message with information about where and when to meet, she reaches for her iPhone to get directions. No, dear Audrey Carlan, if she just read a text, she doesn't need to reach for her iPhone - it's already in her hand!

And then there's the time when she shakes her head and says, "Yes, it's fine". Try to shake your head while saying 'yes'. It's very difficult to do. Whether it is the fault of the author, or an error in the Danish translation, I could not say. On top of that, Calendar Girl is tedious.

That's almost the worst part … My blog: The Bookworm's Closet Aug 21, Steelwhisper rated it did not like it Shelves: 1-bad , prostitution-fiction , not-for-me , potentially-squicky , panders-to-stereotypes , erotica , glorified-punter , horrid-heroine , terminally-squicky , wet-pussy. Tries to sell that prostitution is just fine and sexy. The author failed to establish neutral boundaries and thus manages to support rape culture. I'm not a fan of chicklits, and this book sounded terrible to me, but I decided to give it a fair chance, because books have surprised me before.

The story is about Mia, a girl who's father is in great debt a million dollars. The people who he owns money, knocked him into a coma, and threatened to kill him and go after Mia and her sister if they didn't pay. To pay this debt off as fast as possible, Mia takes a job from her aunts business, as high class escort. She doesn't have to sleep with the men if she doesn't want to though she does get extra money if she does. At first Mia is not eager to do it, but it isn't so bad after all. On her first job she is hired by a very rich and handsome producer named Wes.

This book contains a lot of sex. Seriously a lot. Even more than in Fifty Shades of Grey. In this book Mia seems kind of shallow " Besides, have you seen the shoes i've scored? Hot as hell! I did like Wes though, he was really nice to her.

Duet in September

Even though this book is super shallow, i'm going to try to read along next month, because i'm curious if Mia will develop as a person. Jan 07, 1-Click Addict Support Group rated it it was amazing. Money can make people do things they never dreamed of And I gotta say, Ms. Mia Saunders is in desperate need of money. Not just a little bit. A whole damn lot. With no other option, Mia turns to her Aunt Millie and her high pr Money can make people do things they never dreamed of With no other option, Mia turns to her Aunt Millie and her high priced, escort service.

Sex is optional and comes with a bump in pay.

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And when she meets her first client, Wes Well, January has the potential to be one hell of a month. I am utterly intrigued at how this story will progress each month, because Mia and Wes together were the kind of couple you root for, that you want need to get their happily ever after, and yet If this book had been a bit longer, January would have been an excellent full-length standalone book.

So, is it February yet? Jan 01, Janey rated it it was ok Shelves: kindlee , series , shortie. Well this is an interesting premise.

Mia Saunders needs a million dollars to save her father from his gambling debt. With him currently in a coma, she climbs under the wing of her Aunt Millie, who just happens to run the exclusive Exquisite Escorts agency. Editors' Choice. Add to Wishlist. Love music? With Smule, you can sing and make music with friends and fans around the world!

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