How To Get Started In Witchcraft

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What is Witchcraft? A Beginner’s Guide to the Craft

Now, you're probably wondering, "Ok, but how do I cast a spell? The truth is, as frustrating as it sounds, there is no exact answer on how to cast a spell. This is because every witch is different and every witch has their own path. This means that a spell that works for one witch may not work for another. Learning to cast spells that work for you takes research, practice, and introspection. That being said, it can help to have some basic guidelines to get started.

Hey more experienced witches,

Then, you can tweak spells based on your own individual needs. This Simple Pleasures in Life spell is a great place to start. As you can see, becoming a witch and practicing witchcraft involves a lot more than just waving a wand around.

If you have any questions about how to become a witch, please let us know in the comments below. Otherwise, be sure to check out our shop to gather the basic supplies you will need to get you started on the path to practicing witchcraft. Saving this article for later?

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    My 10 Best Witchcraft Tips for Beginners - Orion the Witch

    Close Cart. What is a Witch? Understand the Different Types of Witchcraft First things first, there are many flavors of witchcraft. Common types of witchcraft include: Green Witchcraft Those who practice green witchcraft focus on nature, earth, and the elements. Kitchen Witchcraft This is a practical form of witchcraft that uses herbs and other natural objects that are found within the kitchen and garden. Gardnerian Witchcraft Started by Gerald Gardner in the s, Gardnerian witchcraft is a part of the neopagan religion of Wicca.

    Hedge Witchcraft Like green witchcraft, hedge witchcraft is nature-focused. After you complete the year-and-a-day self-study course, you proceed with a self-initiation ceremony comparable to the first-degree level of traditional witchcraft study. Classics are great, but how do we apply witchcraft to modern life? The Modern Guide to Witchcraft teaches you how to use your inner power to influence the world around you. Create your own incantations, charms, and more for nearly any situation. Discover the magick within you! Begin your Wicca journey with the comprehensive Wicca for Beginners.

    Unbiased accounts are great and wholly necessary, but magick is a deeply personal journey.

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    Witch: A Magickal Journey takes a slightly more intimate approach. These authoritative books by seasoned and dedicated craft practitioners will give you a great head start on your witchy path! Hope this helps! Thanks for the tip.

    Advice for Beginner Witches

    You daydreamed about it, prayed for it, and took action to make it happen in your life. Witchcraft employs a very similar process of mental focus, conscious intention, and taking action to create an opening for new circumstances to enter our lives. The practice of witchcraft is simply learning how to harness and direct the mental and spiritual power you already possess. What About Candles, Spells , and Incantations? Yes, it is true that practitioners of witchcraft use candles , incense , scented oil, herbs , and more.

    They are not required to practice witchcraft. They simply give you a focal point, which helps to release the power within you. If you desperately feel that you need this, start with a plain white pillar candle and some sweet-smelling incense. You can always explore more complex additions later, like using herbs or crystals, tarot cards , and more.

    What is Paganism?

    Visit your local library or the New Age section of your local bookstore, and begin browsing the books available on witchcraft. There are many wonderful selections to choose from. There are also many great websites with helpful information. However, it is important to remember that there are many interpretations of witchcraft out there. Some are good, some are not so good, and some are downright dangerous.

    If something feels wrong or bad, let it go. Only keep the knowledge that resonates as truth deep within your own heart. This will help you to stay on the right path and make beneficial decisions for yourself. Simply begin spending minutes a day sitting quietly and getting in touch with your own spiritual center. Focus on emptying your mind of all thoughts and connecting with that serene silence within you. Day by day it will seem a little easier, and you will later be able to use this power of concentration in any witchcraft you do.