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Forgotten Hits on January 12th displayed Harvey Kubernik's story on a brand new Tina Turner musical coming to Broadway this year along with his interview with Tina, q. Pennebaker and Mike Stoller. This beautiful coffee table book features lots of full-page photographs of the group alongside greats like Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young and Muddy Waters. New Times" was the featured article in the December 21, rocksbackpages, the ultimate library of rock writing and journalism the prestigious website's Stones Special which spotlighted a Keith Richards audio interview and Mick Jagger in the movie Performance.

Lee Cooper and Rebecca A. Condon, published by Libraries Unlimited, Connecticut and London.

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In addition, the popular website posted Harvey's essay and memoir article on Don Webster, the host of the influential TV music series "Upbeat. Neil Young's 73rd birthday was recently celebrated this past November 12th. A audio interview Harvey Kubernik did with the Young-themed at www. From 's celebration, we have an exclusive interview with author Harvey Kubernik on his new book "Neil Young - Heart of Gold". Read his unique technical and retail insights into the influence of Hollywood in on the lads from Liverpool and their landmark recording which now celebrates a 50th anniversary edition. With the box office success of the Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, a May Queen-authorized documentary on the band, Queen: Days of Our Lives is now broadcasting globally.

Harvey Kubernik's 5, word essay on The Band's "Music From Big Pink" album, just re-released in an expanded 50th anniversary edition, is now displayed on www. The intimate testimonial tales from the front lines and the incredible rare illustrations reaching back into their earliest days will dizzy even the most knowledgeable. If you've got a die hard Band fan in your life, your Xmas shopping is done. The Band virtually invented Americana, not only on their own, but with their immortal backing of the century's greatest pop poet, Bob Dylan.

Kubernik's latest book he's written 15! It's another notch in Harvey's belt of literary triumphs. Excerpted interviews are now posted on itunes. The January issue of Shindig! Harvey and Kenneth Kubernik's "Story of the Band" Sterling is reviewed In Shindig's book reviews section by Duncan Fletcher, who writes, "This coffee table book doesn't claim to be the definitive telling of The Band's story but it does cover their active years in a winningly enthusiastic way.

In addition, the book contains eye-witness fan accounts, contemporary record and concert reviews, and reminisces from key journalists, DJs, promoters and other industry shakers and movers. All key moments in The Band's career are brought into sharp focus by this multiple voice and viewpoint approach.

Don't expect any startling revelations, dirt-dishing or gossip but do expect a celebration and exploration of just what it was that made The Band and their music so special. As one of the era's most photogenic acts the photographs are a treat too, several of which are previously unpublished. They're accompanied by illustrations of ticket stubs, posters, handbills, set lists and hand-written studio and stage notes. Hundreds of photos and other promotional images accompanying the text, plus lyrics and a superb Harvey Kubernik interview which illuminates further Pike's ongoing journey.

Kent Kotal of www. Around Harvey's work on music documentaries he's just written the 5, word multi-voice narrative cover story for the December issue of Record Collector News magazine on the 50th anniversary of The Beatles' "White Album" that Apple Corps Ltd. On September 28, , Rock's Backpages, "the ultimate library of rock music writing and journalism," displayed a Harvey Kubernik December 14, Melody Maker review of Stevie Wonder's concert at the Inglewood Forum.

Mike Stax the editor and publisher of Ugly Things magazine for the November issue will be running an extended and un-edited version of Harvey's original piece on this epic song along with his study of the Stones' "Beggar's Banquet" album. Cam Cobb. Free, View in iTunes. Harvey Kubernik's correspondence with Kent Kotal, editor of the popular www.

Seminal SoCal recording were discussed and editor Kotal hailed several of Harvey's recent books. The Pop History Dig. Online NOW! Visit the website to download and listen anytime at www. In Mark Nardone's musicconnection. Start with fan, Marina Mulfriedel. RE: The Doors Summer's Gone "Jim Morrison epitomizes the grating dichotomy between the Love generation and the militants marching for a whole range of human rights, and he paid the price. America's downfall is his downfall, and vice versa. If you really want to know what it was like to be alive in the brief golden efflorescence of , read Harvey Kubernik's latest, a compendium of absolutely essential interviews with the prime figures in Jim Morrison's life - band mates, lovers, studio personnel, drinking buddies, fellow poets and actors.

They delineate their common belief that Morrison was bipolar, egged on by an uncontrollable alcoholism, thus referred to as Jim when relatively communicable and Jimbo when he was full tilt gonzo madman, hanging from the rafters physically and psychically. His genius is undeniable, but he was never built to last. Herein, you will learn why. A magnificent accomplishment, once again, for the King of L. July 5 Harvey Kubernik's article on the Byrds' groundbreaking "Sweetheart of the Rodeo" is the feature article this week spotlighted on the subscription site www.

During the second week of July, www. Harvey Kubernik's Buffalo Springfield story has just been picked up by the popular online website www. Virgin Radio announces launch of a new hour-long documentary series focusing on classic acts including David Bowie and The Rolling Stones. Mitchell has also interviewed the Stones' Mick Jagger and producer Andrew Loog Oldham whose recording studio collaborations will be heard on this British-birthed radio special.

A archive interview section of a Leonard Cohen interview Kubernik conducted for Melody Maker is now spotlighted on the May 24, Cohencentric website. He is also credited with giving the Beach Boys their band name. The summer issue of Ugly Things magazine 48 spotlighted Kubernik's multi-page spread on Elvis Presley, a revised and edited text from Harvey's 11, word essay on Presley currently displayed online at cavehollywood. Instead of just recounting the same old stories, facts and figures, Harvey Kubernik has opted to gather together rare or exclusive interviews and recollections with people who were there at the time, ranging from the band members themselves to original fans and acquaintances, to relate the memories that really capture what made it special for them.

Attention Shindig! Through a series of interviews gathered over half a century, Kubernik, not just a lover of rock music and its giants but extremely knowledgable, respectful and insightful skillfully paints and weaves through these interviews, portraits of the Doors that shows them in a new light as if seen for the first time. Their conversation starts about 15 minutes into the show which may be heard at Larry Battson welcomes Harvey Kubernik on Wild World. Make that two more great reviews for Inside Cave Hollywood. Lots of great revelations in this book: Who knew Bob Marley once lived in an apartment in West Hollywood?

For early June, the duo will discuss the Rolling Stones. Great love letter to The Doors. Inside Cave Hollywood Vol. While other literary endeavors focus on exploiting the folklore, Mr. Kubernik reveals the bare-bones of the Doors of perception. Kubernik's last two books, his literary anthology Inside Cave Hollywood and A Complete Rock Music History of the Summer of Love shows all that this prolific writer ain't just whistlin' dixie.

Don't say that I'm not warnin' ya 'all. This is some great human stuff, man! The book is brilliantly put together and even the most casual Doors fan will enjoy the fly-on-the-wall memories who were there from the beginning and caught these guys performing in the clubs before and after their first record was ever released. The way the band grew in fan appeal and mythical proportions is unbelievable.

Highly recommended. And there are authors who can only dream about it. Not only did Kubernik forge a personal friendship with the three remaining Doors but he also maintained a spiritual connection with Morrison from the great beyond. It gives me great pleasure to know that all of Kubernik's rock 'n' roll life has been one big intersection with Venice's favorite sons. Gene Aguilera, East L.

But Summer's Gone brings only the most insightful truths, from the most knowledgeable mouths, together under one cover.

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In between are The Doors. On March 15th cavehollywwod. The Summer issue of Ugly Things will publish a multi-page edited text of Kubernik's Pete and Harvey on their March 12thth broadcast will spotlight the sixties and early seventies recording career of soul and disco superstar Barry White. Pete Mitchell has produced a new radio documentary celebrating the 40th anniversary of Queen's News of the World. More info HERE. Pepperell and Andy Leach.

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Kubernik was quoted at length in the text and received a special thanks credits in the package. That's because every chapter is SO unique and interesting, I've gone out and purchased copies of some of the material he describes in these articles. I had to watch these right away … and still think the story about Linda Ronstadt "singing better bottomless" takes the cake!

Highly recommended although I personally will likely be broke by the time I actually finish it!!! Order your copy HERE! East L. The golden age of East L. Now the Eastside sound can proudly hold its head up high, standing on equal ground with all other musical genres. Thanks to Kubernik, the sleeping giant is awakening. Sunday, February 4, Forgotten Hits Blogspot in its Sunday Comments 02 Section posted "Imagine you had access to some of the most interesting musical artists of our time and that you kept a record of your private conversations with them and then you started a scrapbook so you could recall your most precious memories.

Well, the encyclopedic Harvey Kubernik has done just that, revealing some of the most creative talents of our times in off-beat and clever ways deep inside 'Cave Hollywood.

The Jazz World

Most pop culture books rehash old mythologies to the point of self-parody. Kubernik, by contrast, puts us in the trenches where we learn about everything from East L. Get in the cave and see the light. March 7, , When we read interviews that writers have done with rock stars, we are drawn to the artist's thoughts, visions and creativity sprinkled with some personal anecdotes.

We love to read what they share as if it were some sort of personal guideline. We are drawn in and feel we are actually sitting in a room with friends as the story unfolds. Sharing his own insight about the artist including the setting, year and personal insights, Harvey is a wealth of music history for any rock and roll fan. Classic artists are the foundation of our music.

We need to preserve the history, appreciate the music and move forward with the knowledge of where these artists and memorable hits originated. In the current issue of Shindig! Kubernik's book was also hailed by Best Classic Bands year in review and selected number one in the Best Music Books of the Year in the Non-Biographical category.

Monday, October 30th at a. Trevor Chappell was the host for Kubernik's live half hour interview for the national program heard by half a million listeners. A link to the broadcast was available on the following Tuesday. The title is now out in paperback edition from Omnibus. See also Kubernik's 5, word cover story on Leonard Cohen in the new issue of Record Collector News magazine online at www. Forgotten Hits Blogspot displays Harvey Kubernik's praised of Hugh Hefner's ongoing support of pop, rock and jazz in his recent book on music.

Our country should understand that. Barnard is a National Radio Hall of Fame inductee.


Kubernik is introduced about 20 minutes into the show. Harvey Kubernik's story on the acclaimed music documentary Bang! I love this damn film. I could watch it times. Shame on Neil Diamond for not participating. Get over it Neil. This is history. But in truth he's not missed.

The photos and the visual artifacts underscore the musicality and the cinematic qualities in his writing and curatorial skills. James Cushing has contributed insightful, illuminating commentary. There's a piece on Harvey's book in the issue of "Rolling Stone" with Chuck Berry on the front cover.

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Once in a while the good guys win. On Tuesday, October 10, , the well respected music website, www. Harvey had some professional and personal dealings with Tom. As a music journalist he interviewed Petty for Melody Maker. Jarkko Arjatsalo who operates and oversees leonardcohenfiles. Harvey Kubernik's extensive interview with filmmaker Murray Lerner who directed the influential music documentary Festival! Wednesday, September 20th at a.

Kubernik's live half hour interview was conducted by Trevor Chappell. The program is national with half a million listeners and is heard at am live in Australia. Friday, September 15, - 1 p. BST - A repeat will air each Sunday between 11 a. Programmes will also be available on the Resonance FM Mixcloud account after they air. In the October issue of Goldmine magazine, Gillian G.

A Interview Harvey Kubernik conducted with filmmaker D. The Shabbat service was followed by a concert featuring music from performed by the Stephen Wise clergy and musicians. Kubernik helped curate and narrate a stage program of music culled from his book A Complete Rock Music History of the Summer of Love. The show will take a look back at the music and the artists surfacing out the 60's and specifically In addition to lots of great music, author and artist Harvey Kubernik will be interviewed. Harvey Kubernik's story on the theatrical release of the music documentary movie Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World is now displayed on cavehollywood.

More here. Check it out HERE! Harvey's been invited back to the venue in the future. Breaking News! Publication date is late summer, , and will coincide with the 50th anniversary of their epochal debut album, Music From Big Pink. Kubernik attended the Band's "The Last Waltz" event in , and has interviewed members of the influential group. Like many baby boomers, Kubernik was there. Unlike many of us though, he was there with photographers Henry Diltz and Guy Webster among others, both of whom gave the rock culture chronicler access to their photos for this highly entertaining, image filled and recollection rich book.

How to Get Your Music in Films, TV & Radio - The DIY Musician Guide

Kubernik's half hour interview on Young's work is the main focus of the am live in Australia interview. The show is national with half a million listeners. Click here to listen to the show now. June 30th, The Frame To hear it all, click the following link, because The Summer of Love was about more than just music.

Read the tribute HERE! Harvey Kubernik has put together a graphically sensational, beautifully narrated, jam-packed encyclopedia of Read the review at All Music Books Waiting to take you away. Interview with Harvey began at pm. Listen to the entire show. It can also be viewed at www. Published in June from tgophoto. Music from underscored the visit. The first hour is a salute to the 50th anniversary of the Monterey International Pop Festival. The native Angeleno and vet scribe is the perfect age to have participated in -- as well as accurately chronicle -- the time when optimism ran joyously rampant despite the looming tragedy of Vietnam and was channeled through rock and soul music that had entered "the realm of aesthetics.

On May 21st, , Richard Williams,' in his thebluemoment. Some of the oral history — from backroom people like Andrew Loog Oldham, Shel Talmy and Bones Howe as well as stars such as Jerry Garcia, Al Kooper and Carlos Santana — is of rich in opinion and anecdote, despite being mostly divided into bite-sized chunks and arranged around the visual material. I remember I left my body. Kubernik will talk about his book what was happening and what was changing in pop music 50 years ago, and Cain will be talking about his book and the changes in the pop music of 40 years ago, brought about in large part by the punk artists.

Please visit the website for broadcast schedule and weekly Kubernik and Mitchell interview information. This Week in Music Podcast 1st - 6th May, Factory was published in the spring issue 44 of Ugly Things magazine. Harvey Kubernik is thanked in the sleeve credits and a portion of a Kubernik interview with producer Jerry Wexler is the closing paragraph of the producer liner notes. Online site touts new Kubernik book title. Essential Reading: Harvey Kubernik's new summer-of-love opus.

April A new page, coffee-table book— A Complete Rock Music History of the Summer of Love—celebrates the music and youth culture of that pivotal year that gave us Sgt. Pre-order is available here. Both the American and British rock scenes are covered extensively—the hip young bands such as Jefferson Airplane and Procol Harum, hitmakers like the Monkees, the Beach Boys and the Turtles, and soul from Motown and Stax—with hundreds of first-hand recollections from artists, fans, critics, music industry executives and others.

Hundreds of color and black-and-white photos, as well as period-specific art, are included. See the article at Best Classic Bands. The debut program will be broadcast during April 3rdth. This Week in Music Podcast 10th - 17th April, Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Omnibus — Rate This. Season 4 Episode 2.

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