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Women named Julia are stronger than they appear. Family is everything. Monsters are everywhere. Yes, you do have to wear the damned toga. Connie Willis meets Gail Carriger over more than a cup of tea. In less than pages, Tansy Rayner Roberts has not only told a kick-ass series of interlinked stories in Love and Romanpunk , she has also, quite possibly, kicked off the next historical period for writers to mine.

For such a slim volume, it packs a wallop…. They both have vampires, slayers, and meaty relationships. But Love and Romanpunk is its own, self-contained vision, one that turns the wit and heart up as much as any story could sustain. What do you get if you cross a classical historian who did her PhD thesis on Imperial Roman women with a speculative fiction writer?

You get Tansy Rayner Roberts and a new subgenre: Romanpunk. Ben Payne has a great review of Love and Romanpunk in which he sums up with:.

Tansy Rayner Roberts

I have been thinking for a while about how to best sum up Love and Romanpunk. In some ways it delivered what I expected, but in others it surprised me. I expected this book to be smart, to know its history, to have a sense of fun, and some laughs, and some steamy romance. Those things are almost Tansy trademarks.

And it does have all those things, but in the end, all of those things felt almost peripheral to the things I liked most about the collection. The fact that they are also smart, and fun, is just the icing on the cake.

Every book is a hugely different experience. And then you get to start again. I learned this lesson early on — my first published novel took eighteen months to write. The second took seven. The second is by far a better book. Sometimes books break, and they can be fixed.

Sometimes they break and are lost forever.

Twelve Planets (and two reviews)

It helps if you love the book in progress. Sadly, no matter how much you love it, the hate will set in at some point. Experienced authors know that this always happens, that you have to ride it through, and hopefully you will love it again someday soon at least, when you see it on a shelf.

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Some require playlists and mood music. Others require a reading list, and even that you avoid certain books or albums during the writing process, so as not to mess up your own voice. Some can be written in tiny increments, while other demand huge tracts of writing time. The Shattered City , Book Two of my Creature Court trilogy, was perhaps the least interrupted of all the volumes in the series, which is ironic because it came with one big interruption — the birth of my second daughter.

But I planned and allowed for a set amount of time off and then, slowly slowly, returned to the book.

The Twelfth Planet ~ Sumerian Epic (Part 2)

So every time edits or proofs came in for earlier books, Book Three had to grind to a halt — and grind it did. I discovered to my dismay that these books — and Book Three in particular — required writerly momentum, and that I had to work consistently for weeks before getting up enough momentum to feel I was actually making progress.

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But for a while there, I had other commitments crashing in every weeks, so it really felt like every time I got up momentum, I had to stop again. At one point I was so desperate that I begged my editors to let me ignore proofs for a month, just so I could get to the END of Book Three — it felt like stopping one more time would make the whole thing crash and burn.

In and amongst all this was Love and Romanpunk , an entirely different experience. I took a month to write the stories for this four story collection, knowing it was all the time I could spare — and from that, only two of the stories I produced were really, really good. Alisa proved her worth as an editor and publisher not that she NEEDED to prove herself to me by only accepting those two, and making me lift my game.

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The books had to wait, and wait, but then I finished Book Three of the trilogy and had the summer to work on short stories in between the child-juggling that comes with school holidays. Not sure if being surrounded by lamia was an improvement, but it was certainly more fitting to the universe I had created! As has now become fairly standard for me, however, the easier it is to write a piece, the more editing it will require later on! I took a leaf out of the book of Steven Moffat with his Doctor Who finale and made the story a sequel to all the others though in some cases only tangentially — something that could only be possible in this format, though I like to think the story can stand alone.

It will certainly have more narrative resonance exactly where it is — the fourth in a collection of four. It will come, though. I will find the momentum and hit the sweet spot and the novel will unfold around me. Love and Romanpunk by Tansy Rayner Roberts has been released into the wilds. This year is speeding by!

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