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The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse. Vital Christian Living Issues.

This is the complete Profile Notebook containing over pages including every Profile published by Watchman Fellowship since in word-searchable PDF format. Learn everything you need to know about dozens of doctrines, cults, and new religions with the Watchman Profile Notebook Binder. This binder contains all of the Profiles published by Watchman Fellowship since That is over pages of Profiles! A custom notebook containing every Profile published bimonthly by Watchman Fellowship since over pages.

Profiles are 4-page briefings on new religious movements, the occult, cults, New Age spirituality, and related doctrines and practices. Customers automatically receive new Profiles six-times per year as they are published. The facts behind the fiction: A powerful expose of the code that strikes at the very heart of Christianity. Volume one of the Biblical Forum Series examines historic approaches to the question of biblical authority and responds to contemporary challenges to the Bible.

The Gospel and Contemporary Perspectives.

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Volume two of the Biblical Forum Series examines numerous contemporary questions and issues regarding the Gospel. Brave New Schools. With concrete examples from public school material, Berit Kjos demonstrates how myths, feelings, and imagination have replaced facts, logic, and history in our classrooms. The Facts on False Views of Jesus. Critique of the Jesus Seminar and liberal views on Jesus. This easy-to-use fact checker provides answers to the questions readers most often ask about The Da Vinci Code.

Throughout the contemporary fictional storyline of The Da Vinci Code, author Dan Brown skillfully weaves "historical" assertions intended to shake the very foundations of Christianity. Christian Theology. This guide to practical Christian apologetics is written just for women. With lively and humorous anecdotes and examples throughout, this book can guide new believers and mature Christian women alike to discover truths that can strengthen their spiritual foundations and equip them to reach others for Christ. This introduction to contemporary theology looks at the origin and history of each movement, their major figures, and doctrinal emphases.

The author evaluates the teachings and practices of each system in light of biblical Christianity. Christian Apologetics. Deliver Us From Evil. Iraq -- Babylon of the End-Times? Do current events in Iraq and the Middle East signal the beginning of the end-times? Iraq-Babylon of the End-Times? Intellectuals Don't Need God is for people who are not convinced by the arguments of classical, rationalistic apologetics, for people who feel that Christianity must have a broader appeal that to reason alone if it is to be persuasive to non-Christians.

Lee Strobel investigates the latest scientific discoveries to see whether they form a solid basis for believing in God. Strobel visits with scholars and researchers and works each interview into a topical outline. Although Strobel does not interview any "hostile" witnesses, he exposes readers to the work of some major origins researchers including Jonathan Wells, Stephen Meyer and Michael Behe and theistic philosophers including William Lane Craig and J. The Life of Christ. This is a series of brief reference books for laypeople designed to be read in units of one or two pages.

Out of Stock!!! Subsequently the access sheath was advanced to the distal aspect of the LAA. After removal of the pigtail catheter, an appropriately sized device based on ICE, LAA angiography, previous TEE measurements, and operator experience was slowly advanced in the access sheath. After confirming the absence of substantial residual leak by angiography and ICE, attachment of the device was checked with final tug test a mechanical pulling test. The device was released after final confirmation by both ICE and angiography.

Patients were hospitalized overnight and discharged the next day after exclusion of pericardial effusion by transthoracic echocardiography. The long axis of the LAA , the left circumflex artery black arrow , the mitral valve MV , and the Watchman device white arrow are shown. ICE indicates intracardiac echocardiography; LV indicates left ventricle. Patients with a significant contraindication to warfarin were treated with one of the following:.

The primary end point of the study was successful Watchman implantation. Major adverse events were defined as death, stroke including transient ischemic attack, systemic embolism, and major bleeding requiring invasive treatment or blood transfusion. Estimated frequencies of event occurrence are expressed as percentages or rates.

Continuous variables are summarized by mean and SD. Total fluoroscopy time was 2. A mean of 1. The mean length of hospitalization was 3. Puncture site hematoma occurred in 3 patients One patient with a hematoma required surgical repair and prolonged hospitalization; the others resolved with manual compression and did not prolong the hospitalization. One patient had transient dizziness after the procedure, though a magnetic resonance imaging scan of the brain revealed no significant abnormality.

The most likely cause was determined to be dehydration from fasting. No major complications were noted. All devices remained stable at the site of deployment.

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Left atrial size and the degree of mitral regurgitation showed no significant change from baseline. There were no occurrences of stroke, transient ischemic attack, death, or pericardial bleeding complications. Three patients In patients with AF, stroke is a devastating complication. Oral anticoagulation with warfarin—and more recently with non—vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulation—has been the mainstay of treatment for preventing stroke in these patients.

What Does It Mean for You?

Non—vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulants also increase the risk of bleeding, especially in patients who are already at a baseline level of increased risk. Bleeding complications are associated with significant morbidity. Patient concerns about these medications and the lack of reversal agents leads to reduced compliance with prescribed anticoagulation therapy. LAA closure provides another option for stroke prevention in patients with AF.

This relatively new technique has advanced considerably over the past decade.

Defining the Watchman Prophet

The use of TEE requires additional sedation, and usually the presence of anesthesia personnel during the procedure if general anesthesia is used. ICE is widely used in many transcatheter interventional procedures. With improvements in LAA closure techniques and more experience, ICE guidance is a reasonable option for the procedure.

The main advantage of ICE guidance is avoidance of general anesthesia. The use of ICE imaging obviates the need for coordination of multiple personnel echocardiographer, anesthesiologist, and associated support staff. Aside from cost and risks associated with general anesthesia, patients are able to control their breathing, which provides less anatomical movement during the procedure.

Performing the procedure in awake patients may also allow for quicker recognition of procedural complications. Disadvantages of ICE guidance include its limited echo views, invasiveness, and cost. While ICE imaging allows for guidance of transseptal puncture and assessment for pericardial effusion, the view from the right atrium or coronary sinus can sometimes be suboptimal for LAA assessment, especially in the enlarged left atria of AF patients. This imaging limitation can often be overcome by placing the ICE catheter directly in the left atrium or in the left upper pulmonary vein.

Direct left atrial imaging requires advancing the ICE catheter through the interatrial septum through the transseptal hole. LAA closure procedures should be carefully planned in the preimplant phase using TEE or computed tomography scanning to evaluate LAA morphology and exclude intracardiac thrombus.

In our experience, the combined use of fluoroscopy and ICE during the implant procedure was adequate to guide device selection, system delivery, positioning, placement, and release. These differences, however, were not significant enough to impact device selection in our experience. To evaluate for peridevice leak, ICE evaluation was usually sufficient. We relied on angiography combined with ICE to evaluate this.

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In cases where the right atrial view was suboptimal, imaging from directly within the left atrium or left upper pulmonary vein provided better assessment. Venous punctures are well managed in most catheterization labs. While the ICE catheter adds additional cost to the procedure, savings from avoidance of general anesthesia and additional personnel may make it more cost effective. Additional savings may be seen with reducing the length of hospital stays and procedure time. As ICE advances technically and becomes more commonly used with structural interventions, it may become more widely used to guide LAA closure.

There were several limitations in our present study. There was no control group. Patients still underwent TEE imaging prior to the implant procedure.

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Also, the procedures were performed only by experienced investigators. Further study of this technique is needed. The other authors have no conflicts of interest to declare. J Am Heart Assoc. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U.